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Sergio Demian Lerner
Chief Innovation Officer Connect

Widely recognized as a leading security and cryptocurrency researcher, and a serial entrepreneur, Sergio has co-founded 7 technology companies: RSK Labs, Coinspect, Coinfabrik, WayniLoans, ASICBoost, Identiva Security and Pentatek…

In 2011, he joined the Bitcoin community and collaborated to strengthen the security of the Bitcoin Core by discovering and reporting 9 vulnerabilities. He also proposed more than 50 design improvements for greater privacy, interoperability, decentralization, scalability, and for faster payments.

Sergio is also an expert software and firmware developer and has programmed and led hi-tech interdisciplinary projects. He has designed and developed several security systems with strong cryptography and more than 15 different neuro-medical products that were government-approved and sold in Latin America to more than 4000 clinics. He has vast experience in the development of real-time medical systems, data acquisition, digital signal analysis, and algorithm design. He holds a degree in Computer Science (UBA, Argentina).