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Eddy Travia
Regional Director Asia Pacific Connect

Eddy has been a pioneer investor in blockchain technology companies since 2013 and the Regional Director Asia Pacific at IOV Labs since February 2020 via a Singapore-based joint venture between IOV Labs and Coinsilium Group.

Eddy is also co-founder and CEO of Coinsilium Group, a London-listed venture builder, investor and advisor of early-stage blockchain technology companies. In July 2013, following 9 years as a private equity fund manager in Greater China, Eddy co-founded the world’s first global incubator of blockchain startups and, in May 2014, was named among the ‘Top 3 Most Influential Investors’ at the Blockchain Awards. Coinsilium was the first blockchain company to join a stock exchange via an IPO in 2015.

Eddy has led early-stage investments in more than 20 blockchain companies around the world. Eddy has delivered two TEDx Talks about blockchain (TEDxIEMadrid in 2016 and TEDxINSEAD in 2018) and is a regular keynote speaker at blockchain conferences worldwide update Alex and Gaku’s titles.