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The location is not an issue, since we are hiring globally. CTO Fulltime

IOVlabs builds low-cost, highly secure, easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy.
Harnessing the benefits of Bitcoin with a suite of tools to create and protect growth, we’re planting the seeds for global financial freedom.
RSK, the first smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network, is transforming the way businesses are conceived, designed, and built. Its complementary platform, RIF OS, takes these technologies to scale, simplifying the use of decentralized infrastructure for any traditional or Blockchain developer, organization, or innovator.
IOV Labs purpose is to build a world where everyone has the chance to participate in a new economy joining the Internet of Value revolution.
Join our team to be part of the next technology revolution and help us build a world with equal opportunities to all.

As CTO my main duty is to:

Build the best technical organization and procedures to achieve the organization goals in the most efficient way maintaining our quality, security and cultural standards.
Ensure clear professional growth opportunities for all members of the technical areas.

My main responsibilities
  • Product delivery support:
    • Provide necessary and suitable technical staff and resources to Gardens, in order to conform the teams
    • Provide ongoing and regular engagement with the Gardeners in order to guarantee that the goals, vision, and actions within the engineering department stay in alignment with both short-term and long-term strategies of the Gardens.
    • Cross-pollinate best practices between Gardens
    • Ensure that security controls and policies are always present in the product development process
  • Operations:
    • Ensure that the functional technical areas (Development, QA, Security, DevOps, Research) are working efficiently to support the projects teams during the whole project life cycle in order to accomplish goals efficiently and with top quality standards.
    • Ensure that the processes and best practices defined by the technical areas are aligned with our culture and facilitate the achievement of the organization strategic goals. The CTO will ensure that the security perspective is present in all operational processes.
  • Management and cultural alignment:
    • Ensure the growth and accuracy of the technical staff in order to provide the best resources to the gardens and make sure that the team has a high retention rate of talents.
    • Play a mentorship role to technical areas leaders, encouraging their professional growth within the organization.
    • Attend the needs of the teams, facilitate conflict resolution between technical functional and strategic projects areas.
    • Define the technical department general goals and objectives, operating procedures and best practices, while ensuring that they are in line with the business’s core vision, mission, and values.
    • Ensures that the technical areas* define their goals and objectives, operating procedures and best practices, while ensuring that they are in line with the business’s core vision, mission, and values.
    • Build the area´s budget in coordination with the gardeners (portfolio project managers)
    • Accountable for the tracking, development, and control of periodical departmental budgets.
    • Ensure that all the activities of the IT department are aiming to excellence and commitment to service.
  • Technological watch
    • Listen to and gather all the technical needs of the organization
    • Play the role of a trusted advisor for other executives and key stakeholders within the organization in matters of technological nature.
    • Map the different technologies used in the organization
    • Bring proposals about state of the art technology that help improve efficiency
  • *Technical Areas reporting to CTO:
    • Research
    • Development
    • Quality Assurance
    • Security
    • DevOps
  • The following roles report directly to the CTO:
    • Head of DevOps
    • Head of Security
    • Head of QA
    • Head of Developers
    • Head of Research


  • Fulltime


  • The location is not an issue, since we are hiring globally.

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