RSK-Integrated Kripton Market brings Bitcoin to over 700 commercial outlets across El Salvador October 5, 2021

Rootstock (RSK) is a smart contract platform secured by Bitcoin's hash power through merge-mining. The project makes inroads in El Salvador, a country recently embracing Bitcoin as legal tender. Over 700 commercial outlets will use Kripton Market, built on RSK technology, to sell products and services priced in BTC. October 5 - Gibraltar, United Kingdom - Making Bitcoin legal tender is a pretty important deal for El Salvador. Doing so introduces new opportunities for service providers leveraging Bitcoin's network to make a meaningful impact. One such solution is Kripton Market, a decentralized marketplace built on the Rootstock platform. Through this online marketplace, anyone can offer products and services to Bitcoin users across the country of El Salvador.

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BRZ integrates with RSK and incorporates Bitcoin’s blockchain security September 1, 2021

Brazilian cryptocurrency is officially integrated with RSK, a blockchain that unites Bitcoin's security with Ethereum's smart contracts
BRZ, the world's largest stablecoin paired to a national currency other than the dollar, is officially integrated with RSK, a Bitcoin sidechain able to execute Ethereum's smart contracts. “RSK combines the best of both worlds: the security of Bitcoin and the power of Ethereum's smart contracts,” says Transfero's Blockchain Developer, Solange Gueiros.

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Digital asset banking innovator Greengage receives £2.5m institutional investment from IOVlabs Fund 9th August 2021

Announces strategic partnership to create socially responsible and financially inclusive solutions enabled by RSK Blockchain and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF)
Greengage, which plans to become the first digital asset merchant bank, today announced the addition of its first institutional investment receiving a commitment of £2.5 million from Gibraltar-based portfolio firm, IOVLabs. This latest investment will support Greengage’s ongoing expansion, technology developments and team growth, including the hire of a new CFO, Head of Operations, Head of Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

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Xcapit integrates RIF token on it’s Investment Wallet June 30th 2021

The Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow as access is granted to RIF Token holders to gain access to a new investment wallet to get automatic yield. Xcapit, the company that built an investment wallet on RSK network, is adding RIF token in its investment portfolio, allowing for retail users and RIF Holders to earn yield their RIF tokens in a way that is native to Bitcoin and noncustodial. Xcapit allows users to generate automatic investment strategies with RIF, by integrating their Binance accounts with Xcapit. Users will be able also to connect with real economy, by allowing them to convert FIAT-RIF and vice versa (using Kripton API)

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Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar inducted into the Crypto Hall of Fame June 5th, 2021

The Crypto Hall of Fame, hosted by Moonstock, an online gallery specializing in Crypto Art and NFT created by Aaron Koening, was launched in April 2021. It celebrates major contributors to the blockchain industry with portraits designed by Max Crypotohead.
The selection committee reached a decision and announced the twelfth member of the Crypto Hall of Fame: Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, co-founder of RSK, the first smart contract platform built on Bitcoin that made it fully programmable, and also co-founder of the Bitcoin Argentina Foundation and the .Ibero-American Blockchain Alliance.

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Settle Network integrates RIF Token in Latamex May 19th, 2020

Settle announced RIF’s integration with Latamex, the incoming and outgoing fiat to crypto payment platform Thanks to this remarkable partnership, RIF Token will be available to all users in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico through Latamex.
RIF (RSK Infrastructure Framework) integrates with Latamex displaying a simple and customizable user interface to guide the user through the KYC and payment steps. After the user completes the payment flow and the payment clears, digital assets are sent to the user's wallet or fiat funds are sent to the user's bank account. This process is quick and easy for users, as no further processing is required.

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Coinsilium Group Limited: Nifty Labs commences development for RSK-powered ‘NFT on Bitcoin’ Marketplace May 11, 2021

Coinsilium Group Limited (AQSE:COIN) (OTCQB:CINGF), the Blockchain and Open Finance venture builder, is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned Gibraltar subsidiary Nifty Labs Limited ("Nifty Labs"), through its partnership with Indorse Pte. Ltd. (“Indorse”), has commenced development work on a new Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) project to create an ‘NFT on Bitcoin’ marketplace powered by the RSK blockchain, the smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network.

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Defi on Bitcoin Soars as RSK Total Value Locked Crosses 1.445K BTC driven by Sovryn launch. May 3, 2021

RSK Network, the safest smart contract platform in the world that is secured by the Bitcoin Network, has surpassed Lighting Network (LN) total value locked in Bitcoin (BTC), and now stands at 1,445 BTCs locked. The latest milestone is another sign of a strong appetite among users for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector, which defined 2020 and has extended well into the current year.
RSK smart contracts platform had over 259,000 transactions, 50,000 active accounts and reached an all time high of 72% hashing power during April. The amount of solutions and integrations in the RSK defi ecosystem has experienced a significant growth over the last couple of months.

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Colombia's National Hydrocarbons Agency implements blockchain technology to manage the permanent process of allocating areas of operation April 19, 2021

The Colombian oil industry has been in recent years the engine of the country's economy. Oil is the first export product, at 55.4% of total exports, and the main contributor to the State's finances. The regions’ fiscal resources benefitted from the influx of royalties worth 5.9 trillion pesos in the last 4 years. The government's commitment is to work to guarantee that the sector will have the agility necessary to secure energy sustainability and make Colombia a competitive country. In addition to exploration, it is important to increase production, not only from new fields but also through the reactivation of discovered fields that remain undeveloped.

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Tropykus finance - DeFi on Bitcoin with Social Impact April 8, 2021

A recent arrival in Latin America, Tropykus finance is a decentralized finance protocol that seeks to connect the Bitcoin community with citizens in emerging economies to offer them better access to intuitive and fair financial products. Tropykus's goal is to use the potential of Bitcoin to drive change in the financial situation of emerging countries, starting with Latin America. This will be achieved by connecting people who want to make a return on their Bitcoins with people who need access to credit with better conditions than those currently offered by traditional banks.

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Measuring the water footprint of food production with Blockchain March 29, 2021

In an effort to transform the value of the water, Kilimo, with support from RSK, a leader in blockchain technology in Latin America, is incorporating a blockchain tool to measure the water footprint of food production using satellite data at the land plot level. Kilimo, the renown AgTech company which has been providing fast and reliable irrigation recommendations for improving output and reducing direct costs for producers of agriculture,has begun issuing verifiable, unforgeable, transparent smart certificates, protected by blockchain and supported by RSK’s smart contract platform. By providing a few pieces of information, a producer can receive a certificate bearing the estimation of the direct blue and green water footprints of their establishment.

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DeFi AMLT Oracle Integrates World’s Most Secure Smart Contract Network RSK March 24, 2021

RSK Bitcoin Smart Contract network and the RIF Platform have integrated the DeFi AMLT Oracle, created by global RegTech provider Coinfirm. All operations conducted on RSK’s protocol will be fully covered with automated proprietary risk assessments from Coinfirm’s C-score based on 270+ red flag algorithms. The use of the Oracle enables the RSK protocol to get a green light for wider adoption by institutional investors and the traditional financial sector looking to gain exposure to decentralized finance.

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Kripton Market: a Bitcoin Platform that pushes for a global economy in Latin America March 22, 2021

From the pioneers in the marketplace, a financial alternative developed on top of RSK is coming to the region, to facilitate decentralized transactions through Bitcoin, with over 1000 associated brands that will offer this option for payment in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela. Using the advantages afforded by the crypto economy, Kripton Market will allow customers in Latin America to send money abroad, to buy and sell with a single currency, and to do so at a low cost, thus becoming a good alternative to the economic limitations of the markets.

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RSK Infrastructure Framework Launches Digital Identity Solution rLogin March 8, 2021

rLogin integrates with web and blockchain applications to give users control of their own data and digital identity. RSK has launched a unified digital identity solution allowing web application developers to integrate blockchain technologies. rLogin is part of the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) suite of tools and is natively compatible with the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. The feature gives users of any rLogin-enabled application the ability to use their crypto wallets to authenticate and store their data, porting it across different Web 2.0 and Web3 applications as they wish.

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RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Introduces ‘Enveloping’ to Simplify Bitcoin DeFi Experience January 28, 2021

Beexo Wallet is the first wallet to integrate RIF Enveloping, a solution designed to make user payment experience akin to those provided in traditional finance. IOVlabs and the RIF community are today announcing a new service designed to ease onboarding for DeFi beginners at Bitcoin smart contract network RSK. RIF Enveloping is a solution that supports meta-transactions, enabling third parties to subsidize transaction fees for end users

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RSK Launches Powpeg, A Decentralized Pegging Mechanism December 08, 2020

IOVlabs is pleased to announce the launch of Powpeg, a significant upgrade to the existing peg technology on the RSK smart contract platform. Powpeg is a proof-of-work secured two-way peg used to interact between the RSK side chain and the Bitcoin blockchain. Powpeg is the first Bitcoin peg to provide security assurances based on Bitcoin's proof-of-work, making it the most secure and permissionless peg available today.

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Nuclearis Launches RSK-based Solution to Track Nuclear Power Plant Supply Chain September 1, 2020 Nuclearis, an established engineering and manufacturing firm operating in the nuclear industry, has announced the launch of an RSK-powered on-chain solution to track documents related to the nuclear power plant supply chain. The solution is developed with the assistance and consultancy of IOV Labs, the company powering the Bitcoin-powered RSK blockchain and its Infrastructure Framework (RIF). Read More +
We are pleased to announce the launching of AvalDAO: a fund that will use RSK technologies to facilitate access to credit in Latin America. August 31st, 2020 With the aim of supporting those who cannot access credit by traditional means. The El Futuro está en el Monte network, the ACDI (Association for Comprehensive Development), and IOVlabs are launching AvalDAO, a lending fund based on Stablecoins. The first stage will be implemented in the Gran Chaco Americano region, which is divided among Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil. Read More +
Coinsilium-IOV Labs JV Signs MoU with RedFOX Labs to build fast scaling internet businesses on and for the RSK Blockchain August 18 2020 Coinsilium Group Limited (AQSE:COIN) the Blockchain, DeFi and Crypto Finance venture operator, is pleased to announce that its joint venture company (‘JVC’) with IOV Labs Ltd (‘IOV’) in Singapore (‘IOV Asia’) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (‘MoU’) with Vietnam-based RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company (‘RedFOX’) to build fast scaling internet businesses on and for the RSK Blockchain in the Southeast Asian region. Read More +
IOVlabs Joins Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger to Accelerate Enterprise and Government Adoption of Blockchain June 11 2020

IOVlabs, the parent company of Bitcoin-powered smart contract platform RSK and its RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), has joined the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger. An open source collaboration to advance blockchain technologies, Hyperledger is a Linux Foundation project with more than 250 members, including companies such as Citi, JP Morgan, Telefonica and IBM.

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IOV Labs Launches RIF Lumino Network Light Client to Bring Bitcoin DeFi to Mobile May 13th, 2020

The Light Client enables mobile payments integration with all ERC20-compliant tokens and stablecoins available in the RIF, RSK, and Money on Chain DeFi ecosystems.
Today, IOV Labs announced the launch of its Light Client for the RIF Lumino Payments Network, a third-layer Bitcoin scaling solution. RIF Lumino Payments Network enables off-chain payment capabilities for any current or future ERC20-compliant token deployed on the RSK and RIF blockchain networks.

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DAVID19 is here: a technology to unite millions of heroes against COVID-19 anonymously May 11, 2020

Based on technology as the key to this and future crises, this application, available on, will allow each person to become a hero against the virus and join a movement that will drive digital transformation in different aspects of life
A movement is beginning to take shape in the smartphones we hold in our hands. The efforts against the global health crisis have just gained millions of potential supporters, and in addition, a platform capable of accelerating digital transformation and integrating it into every person's daily life is being built. Technology, as the basis for tackling this and future pandemics, has given rise to DAVID19: a historic solution that brings the human capacity to work together and go much further.

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BitGive Launches Blockchain-Powered COVID-19 Relief Campaign May 4, 2020

BitGive partners with Direct Relief, GiveDirectly, and One Fair Wage Emergency Fund to provide assistance to those in need amid COVID-19 pandemic
BitGive, the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has announced a partnership with Direct Relief, GiveDirectly, and One Fair Wage Emergency Fund to leverage blockchain technology in providing financial aid to those impacted by coronavirus, the BitGive COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. With a fundraising goal of $20,000 dedicated to providing personal protective equipment for medical professionals, monetary relief to those who have lost their jobs, and global funding for those in need.

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Bitcoin DeFi Ecosystem Expands as RIF Stablecoin and Leveraged Token are launched April 21th, 2020

Money on Chain DeFi ecosystem continues to grow with a RIF-collateralized stablecoin and a RIF leveraged product
Money on Chain, the company that built and deployed one of the first bitcoin-collateralized DeFi protocols, announced today the extension of its technology to the RIF ecosystem by releasing the RIF on Chain DeFi platform backed by RIF tokens and deployed on the RSK network. At launch, the RIF on Chain platform will consist of three main assets that interact with each other, and which have been developed to serve different purposes depending on the users needs. These include: the RIF Dollar (RDOC), the RIFpro (RPRO), and RIFX.

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Argentina´s Central Bank is promoting a proof of concept based on Blockchain technology. April 16, 2020

This proof of concept is focused on implementing a decentralized platform powered by RSK technology that would allow for end-to-end traceability of account debit claims.
Within the framework of the 2019 Financial Innovation Roundtable (MIF, Spanish acronym) of the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA, Spanish acronym), the Blockchain Group, which comprises IOV Labs, Sabra Group, Banco de la Provincia de Córdoba, BBVA, ICBC, Banco Santander, BYMA, Interbanking and Red Link, has worked through 2019 and early 2020 to design and execute a proof of concept for implementing a decentralized system solution to handle direct account debit claims made by customers.

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Argentinian Natural Gas Distributor Gasnor to Launch Blockchain Pilot With Regulators March 17th, 2020

The pilot will be powered by smart contract platform RSK and RIF technology solutions.
Today IOV Labs announced the successful launch of Gasnet, a blockchain network focused on Argentina’s natural gas distribution ecosystem. The network uses IOV Labs-powered RSK smart contracts and its RIF second-layer solutions to increase efficiency, transparency, and information management in the industry. The Gasnet network was launched in collaboration with Grupo Sabra, an Argentina-based software development company.

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Bitcoin-powered RSK Launches Interoperability Bridge to Connect Bitcoin with Ethereum February 4, 2020

Bridge opens the doors for interoperability between the two largest blockchain networks in the world.
IOV Labs has announced the successful launch of its RSK token bridge between its Bitcoin-powered smart contracts and the Ethereum network. The interoperability protocol allows users to cross RSK and Ethereum ERC20 Tokens between networks.
RSK already operates as a sidechain with its own two-way bridge to Bitcoin that allows users to cross their BTC and use them in RSK to interact with smart contracts. The RSK token bridge expands this capability to ERC20 tokens and the Ethere- um dApp ecosystem.

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IOV Labs expands partnership with Coinsilium to promote RSK and RIF platforms adoption in Asia Pacific January 28, 2020

Today, IOV Labs and blockchain venture builder and advisor Coinsilium announced the formation of a Joint Venture company in Singapore with to promote IOV’s RSK and RIF OS blockchain solutions in Asia Pacific enterprise markets.
Key objectives for the JV Company are to accelerate adoption of RSK’s products, services and technologies in the Asian markets and the RIF token which powers the ecosystem of solutions developed by RSK, their partners and independent developers around the world.

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dexFreight Integrates RIF Blockchain Solutions to Decentralize Logistics Industry January 17, 2020

Today, RIF, whose decentralized application protocol is powered by Bitcoin smart contract platform RSK, announced that dexFreight, a decentralized logistics platform, will begin the integration of RIF’s Storage and Payments solutions.
The RIF Storage solution testnet, developed through a partnership with Swarm, was rolled out to the public on January 8. dexFreight will integrate RIF Storage to store and retrieve encrypted versions of documents such as bills of ladings and proof of deliveries that require distributed storage and timestamping.The protocol introduces decentralized incentives using the RIF token, while also providing a unified interface that allows users to connect and switch between a number of decentralized storage networks, including IFPS.

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RIF (RSK Infrastructure) celebrates its one year anniversary and joins the DeFi for Bitcoin movement Dec 23, 2019

MoneyOnChain the creator of the first stable asset collateralized with bitcoin launches the first dollar stable asset backed with RIF.
During it´s first year of existence RIF platform has matured into a full blown set of decentralized protocols and applications. Some of the most remarkable announcements during 2019 were:
RIF Name Service that enables the use of Aliases, making the use of blockchain technology easy and intuitive across platforms, is utilized across RIF Payments, RIF Storage, RIF Communications and other RIF Services providing a seamless experience to end users.

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Money on Chain Launches First Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin on RSK Network Dec 12, 2019

The protocol will allow Bitcoin holders to hedge against volatility and enable the creation of DeFi services for the Bitcoin ecosystem.
After eleven months of simulations, testing and two audits, Money on Chain is launching the Alpha version of its decentralized stablecoin protocol on the RSK network. Backed by Bitcoin, the protocol is comprised of two tokens that provide several use cases for Bitcoin holders, including leveraged Bitcoin operations.

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IOV Labs (RSK) and Monday Capital's Ecosystem Fund Announces Close of First Round of Investments Nov 18, 2019

The global fund plans to continue aggressively investing in promising ventures.
During SF Blockchain Week’s VC Panel, Monday Capital, in partnership with IOV Labs (RSK) Innovation Studio, announced the completion of the first round of investments of its Ecosystem Fund. Two of the three investment recipients, Vega and Multis, were announced in early October, with the third, Pocket Network, set to close its own seed round within the month.

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Government Backed Tribe Blockchain Accelerator To Boost Bitcoin Smart Contract Platform RSK in Singapore Nov 14, 2019

The program will connect Singapore’s government agencies and corporations with RSK and RIF technologies to increase global blockchain awareness and adoption.
Today, IOV Labs, the blockchain technology organization that developed the first smart contract platform for Bitcoin, RSK, announced a partnership with Tribe, Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator.

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Bitcoin-powered RSK Announces New Increased Merged Mining Rewards Program Oct 12, 2019

The project that brought Smart Contracts to Bitcoin is now the most profitable Bitcoin merged-mining platform in the blockchain space. RSK, the Bitcoin-backed smart contracts platform, has announced that it has launched an incentives program that significantly increases mining rewards, paid in RBTC, RSK’s native token. The network has increased mining rewards by over 1,000 percent compared to the current rewards.

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Bitcoin’s First Smart Contract Platform RSK connects with Japan’s biggest Blockchain Accelerator BINARYSTAR to boost adoption Oct 7, 2019 On Saturday Oct 5, IOV Labs, the blockchain technology organization that developed the world’s first Bitcoin-backed smart contract platform RSK and its P2P solutions layer protocol RIF OS, announced a partnership with BINARYSTAR, Japan’s largest blockchain accelerator, to boost adoption of blockchain technologies in the region.
To kickstart the partnership, RSK delivered the keynote speech at BINARYSTAR’s Unblock Tokyo event on October 5th, which hosted hundreds of developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprise business leaders from the region.
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IOVLabs Brings RSK Technology to 30 Million Users Social Network by Acquiring Taringa Sept 27, 2019 With this acquisition, Bitcoin-powered RSK Network and RIF token economy will be introduced to the largest Spanish-speaking social network in the world.
IOVLabs, the creator of the RSK Bitcoin Smart Contract platform and the RIF token, announced today the acquisition of Taringa, the top Spanish-speaking social network in the world with 30 million users and over 1,000 active online communities.
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RSK and NXTP launched the first regional blockchain acceleration and adoption program Sept 25, 2019 RSK and NXTP launched the first regional blockchain acceleration and adoption program aimed at start-ups and companies interested in developing their blockchain products, or migrating them from “off-chain” to “on-chain”.
On top of developing their capabilities with RSK’S stack technology benefits, they may be able to receive up to $100,000 in investments in order to implement their growth for the duration of the acceleration program.
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Coinsilium, StartupToken and IOV Labs Join Forces to Accelerate Southeast Asian Adoption of RSK Smart Contract and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF OS) Blockchain Solutions July 11, 2019 Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN), the blockchain venture builder, advisor, and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies, is pleased to announce that Coinsilium (Gibraltar) Limited, the Company’s wholly owned Gibraltar registered advisory services provider, together with StartupToken Limited (‘StartupToken’), a hyper accelerator in which the Company holds a 27.8% equity position, and IOV Labs Limited (formerly known as RIF Labs), an organisation dedicated to the development of the RSK Smart Contract Network and the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF OS), have signed a strategic advisory agreement (the ‘Agreement’) to support and promote RSK and RIF OS blockchain solutions in Singapore and Southeast Asia enterprise markets. Read More +
Partnership between Swarm and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) to develop a breakthrough storage solution June 25, 2019 IOV Labs, an organization dedicated to the development of the RSK Smart Contract Network and the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF OS), today announced a partnership with Swarm, a distributed storage platform and content distribution service, to implement and address the incentivization behavior of the Swarm network as a whole, including the Ethereum and RSK implementations. Both teams share a unified vision of an open and encrypted data storage and streaming system, underscored by a new incentive model that reimburses data providers for retrieving popular content. As part of the collaboration, they are also jointly developing the first implementation of the concept under RIF Storage services — which will pave the way for a wide array of innovation related to the blockchain storage industry. Read More +
RIF Name Service Becomes First DNS to Manage Domains from Any Blockchain June 11, 2019 IOV Labs, an organization dedicated to the development of RSK Smart Contract Network and RSK Infrastructure Framework OS (RIF OS) Protocols, today launched RIF Name Service Multi-Crypto. A first for the industry, the improved RIF Name Service (RNS) is the only service that supports and manages domains originating from any blockchain. Previously, RNS could only support addresses built on the RSK Network, however, with the new upgrade, domain owners Read More +
RIF Lumino, a Network enabling payment providers to achieve up to 5000 tps on top of RSK & Bitcoin has launched May 14, 2019 RIF Labs, owner of RSK Labs, has officially launched the RIF Lumino Network as part of the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF OS).
Bitcoin and blockchain scalability is one of the most important issues being discussed throughout the ecosystem these days. While the RSK Network added smart contract capabilities and onchain scaling improvements on top of the Bitcoin network, it is not enough to achieve transaction processing levels on par with those offered by major payment processors around the world. On top of this, onchain scaling impacts the future as every record saved on the blockchain needs to be saved forever.
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First Blockchain Innovation and Development Studio for Bitcoin, RSK & RIF OS opens in San Francisco May 7, 2019 RIF Labs, owner of RSK Labs, and Monday Capital, announced the launch of the first Blockchain Innovation and Development Studio for Bitcoin, RSK and RIF OS in San Francisco and a global Ecosystem Fund. The Studio will create new developer tools that will streamline the integration of decentralized infrastructure. It will be a space of experimentation that facilitates the creation of next-generation blockchain solutions in partnership with startups and corporations in order to identify real-world problems that blockchain-based products and services can solve. Read More +
Microsoft Azure adds RSK Smart Contracts to its Cloud Offering April 16, 2019 RIF Labs has announced that developers can now launch a RSK Smart Mainnet node on Microsoft’s Azure BaaS offering, becoming one of the few public blockchains supported by Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) marketplace. The integration provides a simplified process for setting up an environment that facilitates the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and services supported by the Bitcoin blockchain. This enables users to deploy and configure an RSK blockchain network in minutes, instead of setting up local servers and manually installing and maintaining the nodes. Now both non-blockchain and blockchain developers can learn and experiment at a low-cost and easily on the RSK network. Read More +
RIF Labs Eyes Global Expansion with New Asia Offices April 1, 2019 RIF Labs, the purpose-driven organization led by the RSK Labs founding team and other top executives, has announced an expansion into Asia with the opening of two new offices in Singapore and Shanghai. This will enable RIF Labs to continue development of its partner and developer communities in the Asia-Pacific — a key market for RIF Labs given Asia’s reputation for blockchain adoption, financial innovation, and strong developer talent. Read More +
RIF Labs and Blockchain forHumanity (b4h) Join forces to Promote Greater Transparency in Social Impact March 6, 2019 RIF Labs, the purpose-driven organization led by RSK Lab’s founding team and other top executives, has announced that Blockchain for Humanity (b4H), a not-for-profit foundation that supports a pipeline of social and environmental impact projects, is now utilizing the RSK network to bolster their tracking and accountability efforts for blockchain-enabled solutions that focus on addressing inequality gaps and improve the lives of many around the globe. The successful deployment of the b4H dApp on RSK — which is based on Giveth open-source code — makes cryptocurrency donations easy for users, allowing a greater community of Bitcoin supporters donate to their favorite impact projects on RSK for the first time. Read More +
RSK Plataform Becomes the Most Secure Smart Contract Platform in the World February 14, 2019 RIF Labs, the purpose-driven organization led by RSK Labs’s founding team and other top executives, has announced that the RSK blockchain has become the most secure smart contract platform in the world, and second most secure blockchain behinnd the Bitcoin blockchain. As reported by the Crypto51 website, which aggregates data from Mine the Coin, CoinMarketCap, and NiceHash, the cost to execute a 51% attack on Bitcoin costs US$ 244,853. By surpassing 45% of the hashing power of the Bitcoin network, an attack on the RSK Smart Contract Network would cost approximately US$ 112,000 per hour. This makes RSK one of the most secure and reliable platforms for developers to build their dApps, and proves that merge-mining can succeed in securing Bitcoin sidechains. Read More +
RIF Labs Announces RIF Name Service for Public Use January 16, 2019 RIF Labs, the purpose-driven organization led by RSK Labs’s founding team and other top executives, is announcing the official launch of the RIF Name Service (RNS), which is the first implementation of the RIF Directory Protocol and allows users of the Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS) full access to the serrvice that enable users to easily identify relevant resources like RSK addresses, public keys, social network handles, among others on the RSK Live Network via readable aliases and domain names. Read More +
RIF Labs Announces Official LATAM launch of RIF OS as the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference December 5, 2018 RIF Labs, the purpose-driven organization led by RSK Labs’s founding team and other top executives, is announcing the official Latin American launch of RIF OS (Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard) at the Latin America Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Santiago, Chile. RIF OS is a suite of open and decentralized protocols that enables faster, easier, and scalable development of distributed blockchain applications (dApps) within a unified environment. Read More +