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Discover the world’s most secure smart contract network. RSK brings business logic to Bitcoin, enabling the exchange of any type of value within the Bitcoin network.
Smart contracts are coded and digitally recorded on the Blockchain, making them trustless, autonomous, and self-sufficient. Besides adding value and functionality by enabling smart contracts in the Bitcoin ecosystem, RSK scales to up to 100 transactions per second without sacrificing decentralization. The platform reduces storage and bandwidth using probabilistic verification, fraud detection, and Blockchain sharing techniques.
The RSK token RBTC, used for value exchange within the RSK network, is pegged to Bitcoin and therefore has no speculative value, does not compete with Bitcoin, and is secured via merge mining, providing the same double-spend prevention and settlement finality you expect from Bitcoin.
RIF: RSK Infrastructure Framework
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For the Internet of Value to become a transformative force, it’s essential to make its decentralized technology easy to use for developers, traditional organizations, and innovators. RSK infrastructure Framework Open Standard provides these individuals with the first all-in-one, intuitive, Blockchain-based peer-to-peer infrastructure service suite.
Built on top of the RSK Smart Contract Network, the RSK Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS) provides high scalability without compromising security. Developers all over the world will be able to unlock the power of its services through an API and a payment system powered by the RIF token, allowing any programmer to build a Blockchain-based application.
RSK Infrastructure Framework includes five protocols:
RIF Directory The RIF Directory enables individuals to use simple names for the transfer of value.
One of the main barriers to Blockchain adoption is the inherent complexity of the technology, and the RIF Directory’s ease of use instantly supports greater inclusion
RIF Payments The RIF Payments network allows users to interact within a competitive environment with low fees and low latency, so scalability can match volume.
RIF Storage RIF Storage protocols favor diversity when integrating with existing solutions and are prepared to adapt to future storage networks, too.
RIF Data Services RIF Data Services employs implementation-agnostic protocols for external data consumption through data service providers, giving users access to tamper-proof realworld data feeds.
RIF Communications RIF Communications data links ensure confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.