Organization standards

A common set of standards guides our work, supports our ambitions, and ensures every member of our team is treated with dignity and respect.

Identity, Vision and Mission
We are a purpose-driven organization.

We build the Internet of Value to serve individuals around the world, helping to push forward a fairer and more inclusive financial system.

We develop innovative, high-quality technology that is open and secure, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Our strenghts:

  • Expertise and innovation.
  • A strong sense of purpose.
  • High standards of excellence.
  • Human quality based on warmth and empathy.
  • Trustworthiness and reliability

We believe in:

  • Open decentralized technology to enable social transformation.
  • Teamwork to reach our common goals.
  • Sustainability to succeed in our long term mission.
  • Excellence and forward thinking.
  • Work that contributes to personal happiness, wellbeing, and a fulfilling life.

Our Values

Our common values are reflected in all of our actions and decisions.
We aim to foster these principles and attitudes in others as well.

  • Equality of opportunities We celebrate open and equal access to information, transparency, reliability and team-player attitudes.
  • Autonomy. We encourage independent and solutions-oriented thinking, entrepreneurship, and ownership.
  • Freedom. We nurture freedom and empowerment in alignment with our common agreements.
  • Protection of the individual. We respect each other’s priority, time and space, and cherish companionship and collaboration.
The Spirit of Our Work

  • Optimism and a cheerful attitude.
  • Eagerness to learn.
  • Commitment to our wellbeing and happiness at work.
  • Pride of belonging.