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Based preferently in Montevideo, Uruguay or anywhere else in the world as we are a Global Organization. Agile Coach Fulltime

The internet has democratized Information but billions of people still dream of financial equality. At IOV Labs we are planting the seeds for a new global economy.
Our low-cost, highly secure, easy to use platforms harness and extend the power of Bitcoin giving everyone the tools to create and protect wealth on an international scale. With our platforms RSK, RIF and Taringa people everywhere will have the power to create and manage digital identity, build reputations, enforce agreements and engage in commercial transactions without intermediaries.
We dream of a world in which individuals control their data and privacy, participate in a sharing economy and thrive. Join our team to be part of the next technological revolution and help us build the Internet of the Future.

We are seeking a smart and passionate Agile Coach to join our growing and global presence FinTech Company. We’re looking for a person being open-minded, passionate, analytical, and hard-working, with interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem.
The Agile Coach mission will be to improve IOVlabs´ teams by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances. Reporting to the Organizational Excellence Lead, will be responsible for:

  • Educate Colleagues

    Must educate employees at all levels on Agile principles, providing them with tools for implementing the process in their own work. Will provide training sessions and teach valuable skills that lead toward the organization-wide adoption of Agile methodologies.

  • Mentor Team

    As a mentor, the Agile Coach is responsible for guiding teams into the Agile methodology, providing employees with feedback and means of improvement, catalyzing organizational growth and answering questions.
    They provide hands-on support to all employees, collaborating with people across widely varying levels and roles, leading teams toward further understanding and adoption of Agile as well as overall company growth and improvement.Guiding the team and organization on how to use Agile practices and values.

  • Develop Agile Adoption Strategy

    Will be responsible for designing a strategy for the organizational adoption of Agile. This includes every stage of adoption, from the introduction of Agile and employee education, to fostering teams and cultures that practice Agile, to sustaining Agile methodologies and continually offering strategies for improvement.

  • Transform IOV into an Agile organization

    Implementing Agile process, principles and practices across all levels and departments in an organization. Must use techniques that increase collaboration, predictability, transparency and promote a culture of experimentation and innovation. In order to do this, the Agile Coach must also embody the Agile principles and lead by example, but must be flexible enough to read and understand the company needs.

Experience & Skills Required

  • Minimum two years’ experience as Agile Coach.
  • Deep knowledge of Agile principles and their different best practices and frameworks.
  • Proven experience implementing Scrum
  • Previous experience working with software development teams in tech companies.
  • Good levels of communication, coaching and training skills.
  • Knowledge of collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence or Github (or their equivalents) are nice to have.
  • Fluent English and Spanish it's a must.
  • They are both educators and coaches, and thus possess great interpersonal skills, teaching abilities, and a capacity to inspire and motivate.
  • Good communication skills to be able to establish conversations with managers in other to drive them to make changes to improve their teams
  • In order to stay ahead, Agile Coaches must be self-taught, and they must constantly be updating their information, attending conferences, and continuously learning.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in fast changing environment


  • Fulltime


  • Based preferently in Montevideo, Uruguay or anywhere else in the world as we are a Global Organization.

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